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Post-Event Conferinta de Cloud - Bucharest


Conferinta de Cloud

On the 23rd of November, we started the first premium cloud conference in Bucharest, and we’ve had a blast. The event lasted for one full day with two tracks (Business and Technical) with subjects about Cloud, GDPR, Security and other great stuff. Over 170 cloud hungry people participated at the event.

You can find the event photos here:

My session was on Azure Site Recovery & Backup in Microsoft Azure


The need for protecting your data against disaster is not a new concept. It doesn’t matter if we’re talking about SMBs or large enterprises because data is something that they all have in common and they all have to protect it so that their business can run smoothly. Traditional backup/disaster recovery solutions have the disadvantage that they require an upfront investment for the initial implementation and on-going allocated resources (people, money, time) to maintain and test them. When you want to implement a backup solution in a company, you have to buy the server, install the solution and after that maintain it so that it works all the time. When it comes to disaster recovery, we’re talking about a different scale, you have to build a separate standby data center that has to be synchronised with the main one and hope you never get to test your failover solution.
In this session we will talk about the Recovery Services in Azure and how they can help us implement a backup and disaster recovery plan with minimal upfront costs and pay-as-you-go model. By using Azure as our backup and disaster recovery solution, we do not need to buy new servers to do backups or build data centers for disaster recovery.

I hope you were at the event and had as much fun as I did. ?