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PSUG Romania @ Bucharest Cegeka Academy

[] I’ve received an e-mail two weeks ago from a frequent reader of this


Using PowerShell DSC in Azure

Most of my DSC blog posts target on-premise or remotely accessed VMs which most of the times are in Azure. While everything is fine and dandy


PowerShell DSC - Writing Configurations

In my previous articles (DSC on Linux [] & Building a D


PowerShell DSC - Building a Pull Server on WMF 5

I wanted to write this post back in December when WMF 5.0 got released but I decided to put it off because a week after release, Microsoft rem


Installing and Using PowerShell DSC on Linux

In the last two weeks I’ve been playing with PowerShell DSC for Linux and truth to be told I’m impressed on how stable it is since the last ti


PowerShell Scripts to add / remove data disks on Azure VMs

First things first. Happy New Year! So after I finished a long waking up cycle I remembered working on a project that involved migrating some