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Post Event - Conferinta de Cloud 2018

Conferinta de Cloud

On the 19th of April, we hosted the second edition of our premium cloud conference in Bucharest which we improved greatly since our first start and boy this year was fun ? . The event lasted for one full day with two tracks (Business and Technical) with subjects about Cloud migration, AI, Containers and other fun stuff. This year we had over 250 participants which is a big improvement from last years 170 ?

You can find the event photos here:

My session was on Container Solutions in Azure


You’ve probably heard of containers by now, and I’m pretty sure that you’ve already used one or two in some development scenarios or even production.
As to why use containers it is pretty simple to answer. Instead of virtualizing the whole hardware stack as in the case of a virtual machine, you just virtualize the operating system which will run atop of the OS kernel. Translation: They are smaller and faster! That being said, containers need to run somewhere, and in this session, we will be talking about what container solutions are in the Azure Cloud and how we can use them.

I hope you were at the event and had as much fun as I did. ?