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Post-Event Azure Academy Timisoara


Today marks the end of the Azure Academy pilot. I had fun talking with students about Azure, Automation, PowerShell and DevOPS.

For those that do not know what Azure Academy is. It’s the school for training students and people that want a chance to start a new chapter in their professional career using Azure as there starting point.

My involvement in Azure Academy is to teach IaaS, Networking, best practices in Azure, infrastructure design patterns, automation with ARM and PowerShell and doing infrastructure as code with CI/CD pipelines.

This was an amazing experience for me because I got to see first-hand what passionate people look like and see what determination and the will to change and evolve looks like.

It was also a pleasure to see how people are able to change their mindsets in order to understand what it means to be in the Azure world and work hard to get to the point of actually changing there lives.