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Upcoming Webinar and Speaking at ITCamp 2016


I’ve been very busy lately working on some very very fun projects thus explaining my lack of activity on the blog. I can’t talk about the projects but it involves PowerShell, PowerShell DSC and Visual Studio Team Services ?

Today I am announcing (a bit late, but better late than never) that I will talking at a Microsoft hosted webinar about automation and some tips and tricks about how to configure your Linux machines to work best on Azure. The webinar will take place on the 19th of May and it’s free to join.
You can find out more information about the webinar right here: Webinar

Also on the 26th of May, I will be in Cluj Napoca attending ITCamp where I will be presenting a session about PowerShell DSC:

Building and Managing your Virtual Datacenter using PowerShell DSC
PowerShell DSC is a configuration management platform that provides the operations team the capability to deploy and manage systems by defining the desired configuration of a machine while having the assurance that whatever happens, the machines configuration will remain the same.
In this session you will learn what is PowerShell DSC, and how it can grant you the power of implementing a DevOps oriented environment by building and managing your infrastructure in an automatic and consistent fashion.

If you’re in Cluj on the 26-27 May and attending the conference, feel free to stop me for a chat ?

You can find out more about ITCamp by visiting ITCamp 2016 Conference

Have a good one!