Converting existing VM deployment ARM templates to use Managed Disks

In my last blog post, I talked about why we should stop using regular storage accounts for our IaaS VMs and why should we use Managed Disks. In today’s blog post I will talk about how you can modify your existing ARM templates that deploy your VMS to use Managed Disks from now on.

Let’s take a look at a regular storage account based ARM Template:

We have a resources block where we specify a storage account, and we use that resource to create an OS Disk and a Data Disk for the particular VM.

If we want to add more disks then we copy paste the what’s between the dataDisks array a couple of times, modify the LUN and name and we’re happy.

Converting the template to a managed disk format is pretty easy. You first need to reference in the template the API Compute (do note that we’re not modifying storage API) version 2016-04-30-preview or a later version (never use -preview in your production templates!)

You change the storage profile to reference managed disks as shown the code snip below:

Hard? I don’t think so, MS made it very easy to convert existing templates to use Managed Disks. You basically remove some code from the template 🙂

This sample is for single VMs;

If you have multiple VMs in an Availability set, you need to add a “managed” property to the Availability Set block like shown below:

Hope this was usefull, if you have any comments, write them down below 🙂

Have a good one!

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