Migrating OpenLDAP to Active Directory

I’ve been working on a project that required a migration from an OpenLDAP Directory Server to Active Directory which was a very big challenge because there was no Samba server in order to do any work with ADMT or any other procedure. The options were to find a way to synchronize OpenLDAP with Active Directory and cut it off once everything was in order or to export the entire directory in a CSV file and then prepare it to be consumed by Active Directory.

Tokenizing your configuration files

I’ve been constantly working on a project where had to deploy a full blown application in Azure for Dev/Test using VSTS, PowerShell, DSC, ARM templates and the kitchen sink. The main idea was to deploy the application on the Azure VMs and treat them as cattle (as Jeffrey Snover would put it).

The whole point of this was to create a release workflow that would not require any human intervention to make the application work after it was deployed.

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